Which STB would you recommend? SAT>IP


So I've already got quite a bit of various hardware but I'm wanting to make a better more user friendly home setup.

I've got a 4 x Tuner SAT>IP Server - I'd like this to continue being the centre of the Satellite system - it's good, reliable and works.
Currently using TVHeadend and Kodi - but I've grown to not be so fond of it over the years and feel a good STB with good EPG setup is what I want.

Also have a number of Android TV boxes (S905X3 based) which could be utilised if suitable software is out there.

What STB would people recommend?
I'm thinking one of the Zgemma boxes and adding the SAT>IP as virtual tuner sources (if that's a thing?)

Thinking maybe the Zgemma H9S SE would fit the bill.


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Do you need the new sat box to be Android as well ? Personal experience of the SE was not good moving motors if you are motorised.

Tuner server is available for most enigma 2 images.


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No, don't need Android - got a firestick for any catchup TV requirements.

Also, no motor requirements.

Looking around I can see some sort of OpenPLI development for Amlogic but doesn't look official or stable.


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I think it will on your internal Lan, Look at Eyetv too that is true Sat>IP
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