Which Zgemma box



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so how come we are talking about iptv boxes when its under the thread general cable?:unsure:
Beats me mate the op said he wanted to watch footy f1 I quoted that not available on cable anymore but could have all of them on iptv after that people mentioned i55 box lol

Jamie Lee spice

Op says he already has virgin sub if he wants sports he's not going to get it with c/s.
H5 is a good box had mine a few years never let me down.
I55+ might be an option if op wants a zgemma for IPTV.


Hi Lads, which modal of the Zgemma box is the best, will I be able to receive the majority of VM channels for free, "I can view them prior to purchasing additional channels" or is there a better box on the market, also is it just a case of downloading software and off we go, I have VM basic package at the moment, thanks
I used to use H2H but now changed to H5, great for FreeView/SaorView or VM Cable, Satellite & IPTV.