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Wii Sports Resorts


Just got my son Wii sports resorts for his birthday. Problem was it didnt work, so made a quick call to a friend who took the Wii away and updated it and then the game worked and is now saved on my external hard drive. came up error 0002 or something, saying wii needed to be updated - oops!
Having the USB loader is fantastic. Especailly when you get FREE trials of games lol! So now each game we have we make a backup of on the usb loader. Ive got a 160 GB EHD one i had sitting around doing nothing lol! now its priceless! i can backup save/delete games as and when i need them.

So watch out peeps if you have a modded Wii some of the newer games wont work without an update - and i knew it was something i couldnt just do. Apparently if i had just updated the Wii i would have lost everything.


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Hi linny
I dont have an updated wii,im on firmware 3.3 with an softmod and running neo gamma,you just need a special .dol file to run your backup of sports resort on the disc or theres another for the usb


sinno i couldnt even run my backup until my friend sorted it. The game was saying that the wii needed to be updated 1st. Think this is a new think that nintendo are doing withnew games - and im sure they have thier reasons.

Wheelo as for the game its great lol i personally have only played the bowling but the new sensor remote is wicked! i got a strike or spare almost every time - yet on other bowling games im er shall we say not so good.
Kids love the game and we had to go and buy another sensor remote- the downside is they are expensive but you can use them on other games so im told.