Windows 7 Windows 7 activator, virus?


Hello, i recently used a windows 7 activator, it worked perfectly with no problems, deleted the file after i used it as it had activated the product, rebooted my computer decided to do a scan with malwarebytes as i understand sometimes you can get a false positive saying its a keygen/hacktool
it only found one "virus" from the activator and it was a Trojan Horse.w it removed the virus which i believe was found in my temp% folder. Was this actually a virus, i have had no issues with my computer at all and the activation seems to have gone smoothly, help?


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ive always used the loader by daz and have not had one problem.once you have windows 7 installed and activated you can safely upgrade to win10.further to this it was not likely a virus but,rather a false positive.i have malwarebytes premium and always had to disable it when downloading and using the activator.just to be safe tho,what was the name of the trojan?