Windows 7 Aero Shake


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Shake up your Windows 7 with Aero Shake

You can click on the title bar of any open window and shake it, this will cause all other open windows to minimize to the taskbar freeing you from having to minimize them one-by-one. Handy when you want to focus on a single task with a desktop filled with open windows, Another shake will restore all of those minimized windows right back to where you had them before.

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You can also do this:

Working on a document in a window and want to get rid of all the extraneous background noise? Simply hit Win+Home to minimize all the non-active background windows, keeping the window you’re using in its current position. When you’re ready, simply press Win+Home again to restore the background windows to their original locations.

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cool feature, i can just imagine some poor fool out there trying to shake their laptop or screen like an ipod though, wait for it, it will happen!!!