Windows 7 Readyboost: Better Than Vista


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Windows 7 Readyboost: Better Than Vista

Posted: 07 Sep 2009 05:47 AM PDT

Windows 7 Readyboost: Better Than Vista

When we were first introduced into Windows Vista Readyboost many of us were extremely excited at the possibility of increased performance for a relatively low cost, however when we finally saw the technology in use it left many (including me) extremely disappointed.

When I originally heard that Readyboost would also be available in Windows 7 I was a little confused as to why theyhad decided to support the technology, however a report on Windows 7News seems to suggest that Windows 7’s Readyboost has been improved considerably when compared to Vista.

Windows 7 Readyboost Really Works Unlike With Windows Vista | Windows 7 News
The article states that Readyboost shaved approximately 20% off the handling time when working with 60MB - 120MB audio files, obviously this suggests that we should also see an improvement throughout standard computer usage.

I think I will now probably try out Readyboost on Windows 7 when it is released, however with the ever dropping prices of DDR2 memory the need for a cheap performance increase is not as high as when Vista was first released, its a shame Microsoft didn’t get it right the first time. To see more details check out this article.