Windows 7 Shipping Version: Review and first impressions


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Windows 7 Shipping Version: Review and first impressions

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 06:52 AM PDT

Windows 7 Shipping Version: Review and first impressions

TechRadar are currently putting the release version of Windows 7 through its paces, the review is not yet complete however the first two pages can be seen here. The first page of the review just gives you an overview of Windows 7 and the second page introduces you to the desktop and interface.

The review isn’t extremely unique as the difference between previous versions of Windows 7 and this “Shipping Version” is not huge, however it is a working progress for what TechRadar to be the “most complete, up-to-date and in-depth Windows 7 review on the web”.

The overall look of Windows 7 is a very sleek and minimal interface, which has been designed with efficiency in mind. One major new feature to Windows 7’s interface is the new taskbar, programs can integrate with the taskbar in ways unique to the particular application, for example if you have an Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar, if you right click it you can see most frequent website visited, and this is the same for Explorer if you right click that you can see commonly used directories.

Rather than just repeat what is said on TechRadar’s website I would recommend you check it out yourself, it will probably be updated daily, in the end giving you a huge insight into the functionality of the OS.
Good post hadmad (y) I have been using it for quite a while now and have no issues with Windows 7,Im thinking so far that maybe Microsoft have got it right this time,i guess they have no other choice at this stage......i must say that the amount of apple laptops that im delivering to both residential and commercial premisses has gone up ten fold......i also find that alot of younger ie college going people are opting for apple....
Nice info there Had.

I've been using it for about a week and a half and am very pleased with it thus far.