Windows 7 Super Bar / Taskbar


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Windows 7 Vista-Style Taskbar.

I wasn’t initially a fan of the Windows 7 taskbar when it was first introduced in early Windows 7 builds, but as the design was refined in the run up to the beta, I was converted and now actively prefer the new look, particularly when I’ve got lots of windows open simultaneously. For those who really would prefer a look more reminiscent of Windows Vista, the good news is that it’s easy to customize the look of the taskbar to more closely mirror the old version:


To achieve this look in Windows 7, right-click on the taskbar and choose the properties dialog. Select the “small icons” checkbox and under the “taskbar buttons” setting, choose “combine when taskbar is full”. It’s not pixel-perfect in accuracy, but it’s close from a functionality point of view.



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I've been playing with this option a little bit too. Thus far, i'm liking the super bar for it's functionality. (i have yet to have more than a couple things open at the same time though)