Windows 7 Windows 7: Tips and Tweaks - Top 20


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Windows 7: Tips and Tweaks - Top 20

Posted: 12 Nov 2009 06:28 AM PST

Windows 7: Tips and Tweaks - Top 20

If you are a Windows 7 user and are looking to get the best out of your software, we have found a very useful article for you to read, which shows you the top 20 Windows 7 tips and tweaks.

The article comes from Computer World,
Windows 7 tricks: 20 top tips and tweaks
who have listed general tips, as well as tweaks to make your interface look better and customize it to your liking.

The first is a brief tutorial on how to enable hidden international wallpapers and themes - which are usually locked depending on which country you select when you are installing Windows for the first time.

Then they also show you how to search the internet from the start menu, customize the shut down button, add video links to the start button and much more.

Some really useful stuff there, we advise you to check out the full article over at CW. Have you got any tips or tweaks that you think Windows 7 users should know about?