Windows 7 Touch: Video demo of features


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Windows 7 Touch: Video demo of features

Posted: 17 Sep 2009 05:32 AM PDT

Windows 7 Touch: Video demo of features

We have a great video to show you now, which demos all of the new touch features that are capable with the upcoming Windows 7 OS, set to go live on October 22nd.

As reported from Windows7news,
How to Use Windows 7 Touch | Windows 7 News
touch screen on PC systems have been around for quite a while, but it is Windows 7 that really takes this one step further.

Windows7News have explained just how to operate Windows 7 using touch control. These include ‘Flicks’, which works in the way you’d expect - flick up, down, left or right to navigate through pages.

Then you get your other touch features, such as tap and double tap, scroll, pan, zoom and using your hands for the paint application.

This is best explained by checking out the cool video below. Let us know your thoughts on it.