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If people want to install the windows 8 Dev Preview in VirtualBox, you will need to use the settings specified here

to install Windows 8 in VirtualBox successfully. Here are the required settings:

General: OS Type: Other/Unknown

System: Base Memory=1536MB
[X] Enable IO APIC
[ ] Enable EFI
[X] Enable absolute pointing device

Processor: 1
[ ] Enable PAE/NX

[X] Enable VT-X/AMD-V
[X] Enable Nested Paging

Display: Options don't matter - leave them as is

Storage: Remove SATA Controller
IDE Controller: Type PIIX2
IDE Primary Master: HDD 20GB
IDE Secondary Master: Windows 8 DVD

Audio: Intel HD Audio

Network: Leave as is

Serial Ports: Leave as is (none required)

USB: Leave as is

You can download the developer preview HERE:

Note: It requires a clean install and that's why you should use a VM environment to test.

Initial Screen (Setup) Preview:


Start Screen Preview:


Lock Screen Preview:

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Hi Gman,
First off, I am not a computer expert. I know how to switch one on, swap a hard drive, add more RAM and install software but as for how they work and what goes on under the hood, forget it. The bad news is that I like the look of Windows 8 and I want to try it for myself. The even worse news is that I drive a Mac Mini Aluminium with XP running as required in a VM. The good news is that I have a spare Compaq DC7600 SFF which currently runs Windows XP Pro. I would be happy to use that computer to download all the necessary files and then replace XP or install Windows 8 on a separate partition. Is that doable? What do I need to do?
I know it's a big ask so if you think I'm asking to much of your time, don't worry about it. You have my thanks for posting what you have so far.


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I have installed it in VMware and have to say that I really don't much care for the Metro UI. For me it is clumsy, with have to scroll side to side among other things, as well as simply not needed. Perhaps the changes that HiTeck posted about in another article will help with that.
Haven't had the time to dig much deeper than that, but first impressions were not that exciting.


Just got rid of 8 in WM ware. I know its early doors but I wasn't that impressed. Just because its a complete rework doesnt mean its better. Its defo touch orintated, I found scrolling left to right on the tile screen with my mouse or page up or down annoying. And if you want to use your PC for the normal everyday things, i.e Office, CS5, Burning. You have to go to the normal desktop anyway. Like I said it's early doors so the jury still out.



I have had a look at beta, and I thought it was very touch screen focused aswell, not suitable for standard pc or laptop users. Just my view.

I think the new windows phone os is very good, my partner uses it on her HT7 Pro and can use it better than a laptop or pc.

Is Windows 8 a new pc/laptop os or will it be focused on touchpads/tablets/touch pc's and laptops.

The new os to me does not seem user friendly unless you use touch/tablet, but that is just my opinion as I have only seen a beta version


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Your comments would be pretty much on the button puresilk.

The newly engineered Windows 8 will be totally tablet orientated.


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Bad reviews all round so! I wonder can anyone actually install this preview even on a tablet of some kind to sway our opinions?


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Bad reviews all round so! I wonder can anyone actually install this preview even on a tablet of some kind to sway our opinions?

I've hooked it up to a 22" touch screen and it does make a world of difference, but that's just for ease of navigation. I'll be going straight back to me mouse, I just wanted to try it.


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I quite like it, its just windows 7 with the metro bit thrown in. Once you get the dash sorted with the things you use,i think it will be ok. Seemed pretty rapid,have to see how it holds up when you get all your s**t installed on it.
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