Windows 8 to launch in 2012?


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Windows 7 isn’t out the door yet, but Microsoft seem to be making good progress with Windows 8. A roadmap slide from Microsoft’s Italian subsidiary has Windows 8 penciled in for a 2012 release:


Note though that Windows 8 is down as approximately 2012. Even still, it looks like Microsoft are sticking to their 2.5-3 year release cycle, with Windows Vista launching Jan 2007 (it was late), Windows 7 in October 2009 and Windows 8 in 2012.

Windows 8 is also denoted as ‘codename Windows 8′ – does this mean that ‘Windows 8‘ will not be called Windows 8?


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xp pro for me, i found it so traumatic changing from windows 98 to xp, change for the sake of change doesn't suit me, Mr. Gates and I dont feel like lining your pockets.