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Windows Movie Maker is one of the better inbuilt components of XP (available for Vista too) but many user aren't even aware of its existence.

It really is a great little FREE program & extremely easy to use.

It can be used for make very nice video presentations of your still photos as well as video clips & has nice transition effects & the ability to incorporate your favorite music track in order to give it that professional touch. (see video 6).

All the Bebo & YouTube heads out there will be familiar with this from making their own flash productions, I'm sure!

Here's a handy video driven tutorial on how to use it (Be patient as they load).

Windows Movie Maker 2.1 Training Videos!

NB - You will require the free Adobe Flash Player to view these videos.

Video 1 - What Is Windows Movie Maker? - Watch Here

Video 2 - The Collections Area - Watch Here

Video 3 - Importing Clips - Watch Here

Video 4 - Importing Video From Your Camcorder Tape - Watch Here

Video 5 - Capturing Video From Your Camcorder - Watch Here

Video 6 - Import Pictures Into Movie Maker - Watch Here

Video 7 - Import Audio Or Music Into Movie Maker - Watch Here

Video 8 - Splitting Video Clips - Watch Here

Video 9 - Trimming A Video Clip - Watch Here

Video 10 - Adding Transitions - Watch Here

Video 11 - Video Effects - Watch Here

Video 12 - Titles And Credits - Watch Here

Video 13 - Add Some Sound To That Movie - Watch Here

Video 14 - Add Photographs To A Movie - Watch Here

Video 15 - Add Narration To A Movie - Watch Here

Video 16 Part 1 - Saving A Movie - Watch Here

Video 16 Part 2 - Saving A Movie - Watch Here

Video 17 - The "Save Movie As"... Wizard - Watch Here

All Video content courtesy: Marc Liron

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