Wooshbuild, CCcam and cline setup



I previously had ViX on my box but I switched to Wooshbuild as it looks great and is so easy to setup. Sadly, I now cannot get my Cline working so perhaps there is a slight change or tweak I have missed. This is for Satellite and as I say it is only for horse racing Racing TV as I refuse to pay an extra £20 per month for only the occasional viewing session!!

I tried cam 2.32 as it was pre-installed and when that didn't work I downloaded 2.30. I have no CAM 2 active, just CAM 1 and have tried both 2.32 and 2.30. I am used to doing this so checked etc folder and the CCcam.cfg is there and all correct. My network is working so I am stumped now.

What am I missing?



PS I keep reading OSCAM is better but must be truthful and say I do not have a Scooby Doo on how to use it.