Satellite Wooshbuild Query


Just bought a Zgemma H7, and wondering if wooshbuild can be installed into one of the mutiboot slots? Still learning and don't want to get in above my head. Had a few false starts and had to re-flash the Openvix so moving on cautiously. Also, if it is possible, what should I expect to see in wooshbuild?
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In theory yes but what's the point? You will end up just filling the box up and slowing it down I would have thought.

Wooshbuild is all singing all dancing and easy to setup. That said you may find that it has stuff pre loaded that you don't require.


Thanks, looking for a way to get 27.5w (BISS) on this box for when I am in Europe for the winters. Struggling to get definitive info on what is required to get up and running, where to start etc.. Thought I had read somewhere that OScam or something was already part of the wooshbuild image that might help achieve?