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WooshBuild 7
openATV 6.1

Zgemma H2S, H2H, H52S, H52TC, H7 (sat at the moment)
Edision OS Mini
Formuler F1 (sat)

BaseBuild Download Link further down.

WB7 has been in use for months by all of the WooshBuild team and also testers without issue but other things have got in the way of it's release. Running on openATV 6.1 it will also fix the current audio issue with cable boxes.

WooshBuild 7 includes:
  • A brand new skin by Chabs as standard. WooshBuild Freesat. Based on the Freesat skin it brings a completely new look instead of the tired (in my opinon) Sly look.
  • VPN Adder plugin - Allows Digibit VPN users to easily add VPN and change servers at will.
  • Live Toppicks - complete with Channel, time and date of programs.
  • Sul's E2M3U2Bouquets available to install direct from the WooshBuild section of plugin downloads.
  • Grog68's Movie Organiser - Sorts your recordings into folders automatically
  • Chabs SkyQ, SkyWB, and his VM skins all available due to the WooshBuild Plugin feed.
  • All WooshBuild plugins can be removed and installed using the default Plugins screen as you would expect of any plugin, removing the need to add any IPK's to your box manually
  • All WooshBuild plugins will update via the standard software update screen (when updates are available). This inlcudes Chab's skin (when installed)
  • Any new plugins written by us will automatically appear in the WooshBuild plugins feed.
  • Benijofar's IPTV Player icon updater is available giving you only the best hosts in IPTV Player. This plugin is available to install from the WooshBuild section in "download plugins".
  • WB Config v2. The one stop shop to do most things. This has new features including the ability to change bootscreens and even use your own. Integrated USB Cam importer, EPG Timelines, change the EPG loading message for fun and other bits.
  • OpenVPN and miniDLNA installed as standard
EPG Button

OK Button


Menu Button


Plugin Browser (green button)


TV / Fav Button (Channel Selection)


Movie Planner


WooshBuild 7 by default is set to show Freesat channels only, these are the channels which will work even without having a line. If you are a new user, or have flashed your box for a fresh start and have a line, please go into WB Config and set Freesat only to No. This gives your more options for BBC1 and ITV HD. Not all regions have HD for BBC or ITV so one feature of WooshBuild lets you set these two channels to SD.

For best results, backup your timers and backup your line. Then flash WB7. This will remove any old settings brought forwards from older versions of WooshBuild, but we still recommend backing up your settings before you flash too.

Most questions have been answered before on WooshBuild v1,2,3,4,5 & 6 threads. Before posting please make sure you have read through them. Asking a previously asked question in the support thread will result in your post being removed by a moderator.

The support thread DOES NOT provide support for:

Plugins which are not installed as standard
FTP transfers - This image does not need FTP
Formatting a USB to fat32
SD cards or MicroSD cards
Box not flashing - answered a million times all over the forum
Blue button -> Complete backup -> Red button
You have been warned.

Upgrading WooshBuild v6 to v7
Existing WooshBuild v6 users Upgrade instructions:

1. Open WB Config and select Backup settings
You can alternatively just backup your timers and line. This will give you a completely fresh box running WB7.
2. In WB Config: Select update Reflash WooshBuild and follow the on screen prompts.
3. Let WooshBuild do the rest and finally, use WB Config to restore your settings.
If you only backed up your timers and line you can restore your timers now and import your line using USB Cam Importer.

If you are using a skin other than SkyWB, such as SkyQ, please install this from the plugins screen before you restore your settings or you will be greeted with the default Metrix skin on reboot after restoring your settings.

Backing up your settings automatically backs up your line but you should always have a copy of your line somewhere safe on your computer as we are not responsible for your line, you are.

If you are an existing user but want to see what BaseBuild is about, please backup your settings, then proceed as a new user
What is required:

    • Ideally two USB drives (Sticks/Flash Drives/Pen Drive) whatever you want or call them.
    • Only a small USB stick is all that is required to Flash your box using this image - even a 512mb will do.
    • A larger USB device is advised 8GB bare minimum for recording / pause and rewind.
DO NOT use a MicroSD card for any of these steps as it wont work without messing. You can setup your MicroSD card after your have WooshBuild on your box.
USB 3.0 USB sticks may not flash from the front usb port. If it won't flash, use the rear port. One report was it worked in the front but not the back - Hey, go figure
BaseBuild Downloads
Download Link is for All versions of WooshBuild v7 - Zgemma, Vu+, Xtrend
Downloads are all via our WooshBuild dedicated server
OK, I have downloaded the zip file... now what?
1. Make a folder on your desktop called "basebuild" and extract the contents of the zip file into this new folder.
2. Format a spare USB stick ("Flash USB Stick") using the Fat32 file system - ideally this USB stick can be kept safe in a drawer should you need to re-flash your box at anytime.
3. Copy the Zgemma folder and it's entire contents from the BaseBuild folder on your desktop to the USB stick.
4. NEW: Copy your line (gift) file, if you have one at this point, also to the USB stick

The contents of the usb stick should now contain:

Zgemma boxes:
A zgemma folder and a line file (if you have one)
----------- Inside that is a folder called h3
---------------- Inside that folder are 4 or 5 filesBaseBuild will do what is needed with your line. Providing it is named correctly and is active.

Most boxes are like the above this except for the Vu+ boxes. Copy the Vuplus folder to a usb stick instead of zgemma
New & first time users - Install instructions
New Users & Flashing BaseBuild
At this point you should have downloaded a zip file from the link above.

Please ensure your satellite cables are connected as follows

Image is back of a zgemma box.
back of box.jpg
5. With your box turned off, put the Flash USB stick into the zgemmaH2S box using the front USB port (the one behind the flap) If you are using a USB 3.0 usb stick you may have to use the rear port to flash. If using a Vu+ or Xtrend the flashing process may be slightly different.

6. Turn on the Box and wait for the letters FLSH to appear on the front screen. It will then change to boot after a minute or two. Once fully booted remove the Flash USB stick from the front of box and keep in a safe place

You will now be greeted by BaseBuild. From this point on, carefully follow the onscreen instructions. Do as the screen says and you can have WooshBuild flashed, from start to finish in 8 minutes.

If you are a first time user and have never initialised your USB, you will need to allow BaseBuild to do this for you.

If you are an existing user, you can opt to skip the initialising step and you will jump straight to your country selection before confirming the Flashing of WooshBuild.

Depending on your selections, BaseBuild will:

1. Initialise your USB device
2. Create a 256mb swap file
3. Set your country and TV region (used for channel swaps and scanning)
4. Download and then flash WooshBuild v5

Once WooshBuild has been downloaded and flashed, your box will restart. You will be greeted by a welcome screen which tells you more about WooshBuild v7.

At the same time, your channels are being scanned as per your country and region selection in BaseBuild. You box will then restart a final time.

The only thing that actually remains for you to do, is to populate your EPG (program guide). Green button -> CrossEPG downloader.

Please take the time to look at the WB Config plugin as this has become the heart of WooshBuild as well as the WooshBuild plugin section on the download plugins screen

We have worked very hard on BaseBuild to make flashing your box as quick and easy as possible. Remember to read and follow the onscreen prompts. They are there for a reason!

Happy Flashing

Credits & Acknowledgments

  • Chabs for our new FreeSat skin - the default skin for Wooshbuild
  • Chabs for his inclusion of his SkyQ and VM skins
  • Grog68 for his Movie Organiser making WooshBuild even closer to Sky+
  • Everyone who used WooshBuild v1 - 6 feedback is always the reason for a newer release.
  • Benijofar. My WooshBuild wife (he will say husband). Hours and hours of testing, head shaking, arguing, stress, head shaking, arguing, head shaking. If you ever want something testing to within an inch of it's life, Beni is the guy. (Iron Man)
  • Makido for always being on the ball when it comes to the Solo2 and Duo2 images.
  • dsayers for being the github link man and always on the case.
  • All of the testers for WB 7.
Due to the method in which WooshBuild updates online, checks for new versions, does channel swaps and enables re-flashing etc, buying the server a beer is available along with more WooshBuild information by visiting http://www.wooshbuild.co.uk/.
Thank you to those who have already donated.
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FAQs - Please take the time to go through them before posting your question.

OpenATV user manual / common tasks.
Written by Foxman, a brilliant manual where you can fix things yourself.

Backing up and restoring settings or timers can be done easily in WB Config
To Backup: Select Backup settings or backup timers
To Restore: Select Restore settings or restore timers

Restoring settings will restore timers too, also your line if you have one. Restoring will restart your box once it has done finished.

Some USB sticks just refuse to flash, it is that simple. Try and get hold of a bog standard USB stick, no frills, USB 2.0 stick. 2gb, 4gb 8gb. You can use a program called HDguru and low level format your usb device, you can re-format to fat32 and you need to check the file structure of the zgemma folder on the stick.

The file structure for a zgemma box
Zgemma folder
-------------------- sh1, h3 or h5 folder
-------------------- 5 files

WooshBuild is designed to flash automatically from a USB port in your box. Remove any other devices you have attached or an SD card. With the USB having the zgemma folder on it, turn the box on and it should flash.

WooshBuild, as standard, has picons added for you. SkyQ picons are available from the WooshBuild section on the download plugins screen (Green button -> Green button)
Removing the standard plugins is done from the picons section of the remove plugins screen (Green button -> Red button)

CCcam.cfg: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sx4bq2gsbwcc4z4/CCcam.cfg?dl=1
newcamd.list: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oasmsuqfyty62ew/newcamd.list?dl=1

Both the below would go in CCcam.cfg
C: servername.net port username password
N: servername.net port username password 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
(The C: may have the numbers too - not an issue but not needed)

Below goes into newcamd.list
CWS = servername.net port username password 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

If you have removed the mg_cam from the usr/keys folder during your sorting here it is to be put back in: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jsa196ppj6s2qfr/mg_cfg?dl=1

Menu -> Setup -> Service searching -> Signal finder - then use left and right on your remoe to change from tuner A to B

With the EPG open on your screen, using the PREV & NEXT button so the remote will move you through, All Channels, Entertainment, Music, Sports etc like Sky+ used to.

This occurs when you have been on the same channel longer than the timeshift is set for. To prevent this message showing, change the duration of the timeshift.
Menu -> Setup -> Recording & Timeshift -> Timeshift Settings.
Now scroll down to “Timeshift buffer limit [in hours]” and increase the number. The larger your USB device, the larger the number you can have to store timeshift.

Changing other settings in this section can result in timeshift not working or timeshift not being deleted when you change channel. The latter means your recording device will be full in no time at all.

S/Star/2S models -All have SH1 file structure within the Zgemma folder
H/H1/H2 Models -All have the SH1 file structure within the Zgemma folder
HS/H2S/H2H models -All have H3 file structure within the Zgemma folder

Since adding WooshBuild to more boxes, the folder names change, but you will always need at least one folder on your USB when flashing. vuplus, osmini, zgemma.

For ease and with your box running normally, simply put the new device into the front USB port of the box and open the initialise menu. Once initialised, Deep Standby the box, remove the old device, plug the new device into the rear port and turn your box back on. It is then advisable to create a swap file on the new device.

Initialise device: Blue button -> Hard disk -> Initialisation - select device
Create Swap: Red button -> Plugins -> Swap manager -> Green (create) -> Select device -> 256mb (now wait) -> Yellow (autostart) -> Red (activate)

Green button -> AutoBouquets E2 -> Menu button
Now look down the list for the schedule time. Change this to a time to suit you. Remember to save the settings. This may be by using the green button to Save, or by pressing the red button to go back. Please read your screen carefully.

Depending on box type:
Menu -> Setup -> CrossEPG -> Configure
Menu -> Setup -> EPG -> CrossEPG -> Configure
Look for the scheduled time and make it a time to suit you. Remember to save the settings. This may be by using the green button to Save, or by pressing the red button to go back. Please read your screen carefully.

As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the better. WooshBuild has always been setup with a view to someone using a 8gb USB stick. With the cost of USB storage becoming cheaper, it is however suggested to have a minimum of 16gb. A 128gb stick will work and an external HDD is even better as they are faster and larger.

For info, only using a micro SD card can cause problems later when you want to re-flash or backup settings etc and it is advised to only store the EPG, picons, swapfile or timeshift on the card and have a usb device in the box at all time. You can set your box up to just use the micro sd card but isn't covered by this thread or WooshBuild support.

There can be a couple of reasons for this, but this FAQ answers the use of a micro SD card. You cannot flash youe box using a micro SD card alone as storage. If you don’t have a USB device plugged in, you will need to insert one to flash WooshBuild.

Your USB device may not be mounted as /media/hdd which is what the box on a whole expects to see.

Complete backup to USB:
1. Have a fat32 formatted USB stick (this can already have stuff on it, it doesn't matter
2. Create a file on the usb stick called backupstick.txt This is an empty file BUT MUST be on the stick
3. With the USB stick in the box.... Blue button -> Complete backup -> Green button
If the box says no USB found, then press the red button instead of green.

Complete backup to Storage USB device (the one always in the box):
Blue button -> Complete backup -> Red button

The USB stick version can be used to flash your box from scratch should your box crash completely etc. Flashing from this stick will need you to press the power button on the front of the device when you switch on due to a file called noforce. You can rename this to force so the box will just flash.

The backup on the storage USB device can only be used from a working box. Working can mean a clean OpenATV image you have just flashed.

Kodi Direct has seen better days and the larg majority of people say don't waste your time trying to use it.

WooshBuild has IPTV Player installed as standard and although doesn't have live streaming TV has all the films and box sets Kodi can offer.


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We do not support Kodi Dirct at all and was removed from WooshBuild a long time ago. See Q15 above

Add a plugin: Green button -> Green button -> Select the section the plugin is in -> Highlight plugin -> OK -> Yes
Remove plugin: Green button -> Red button -> Select the section the plugin is in -> Highlight plugin -> OK -> Yes

Menu -> Setup -> Usage & Gui -> Extended Gui -> OSD Position
Change move left / right until you see the red border
Change width
Change up / down until you see the red border
Change height

The aim is to get the red border just visible all the way around on your TV screen and then make it so you cannot see it, this can be by changing it by a few pixels. You will then have an optimised screen position

This can occur when you have created CCcam.cfg or newcamd.list on windows. What may have happened is that the file is actually now called cccam.cfg.txt or newcamd.list.txt This is due to Windows hiding known file types extensions by default.

You can show them from now on which stops this from happening:

Or you can download a pre-made CCcam or newcamd file from below. When windows asks you what to open the file with, you need to use notepad.
CCcam.cfg: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sx4bq2gsbwcc4z4/CCcam.cfg?dl=1
newcamd.list: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oasmsuqfyty62ew/newcamd.list?dl=1

Both the below would go in CCcam.cfg
C: servername.net port username password
N: servername.net port username password 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
(The C: may have the numbers too - not an issue but not needed)

Below goes into newcamd.list
CWS = servername.net port username password 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

When you have pasted your line details into the file you need, just save it. DON'T save as, just save.

Press the Menu button -> Setup -> CrossEPG -> Configure or Menu -> Setup -> Epg ->CrossEPG -> Configure
Press the left or right direction button on the remote to select your USB device.
Press the Red button (back) to return to the menu or Green to save

Using the SkyWB skin (the default one for WooshBuild) just press the OK button twice on a paid channel
Using the softcam panel: Blue button -> Softcam -> Softcam Panel

By default, WooshBuild takes advantage of HDMI CEC (this bit which lets you turn your TV on and off with your box remote if your TV support is). The downside is that with a channel scan your TV may turn on and then off again when the scan has finished.

Menu -> Setup -> System -> HDMI CEC

To hide a bouquet: TV Button -> Highlight the bouquet to hide -> Menu button -> Remove entry -> Yes
To Restore a bouquet: TV button -> menu -> restore deleted userbouquets.

Restoring deleted bouquets will bring back any you have deleted in the past. So this doesn't happen when you are sure you don't want the bouquet again, press TV -> Menu -> Purge deleted userbouquets. It has now gone gone!

Once a bouquet has been restored, you will need to move it down the list of other bouquets or the channel numbers will break. Highlight the bouquet -> menu -> enable move mode -> OK -> move the highlight bar down to below "All Channels" (or 28.2E UK bouquets) -> OK button -> exit

Yes. It will completely wipe your box and anything on it. It doesn't delete anything on the USB Storage device though, so recordings are safe. A settings backup is also stored on the USB device which includes your line, timers and settings.

You must always keep a copy of your line somewhere safe away from your box, email, written down, on a USB stick.
You are responsible for the safe keeping of your line, no one else. If your box goes wrong for whatever reason and your line goes missing, it isn't anyone's fault. It is your line, keep a copy safe somewhere

Blue button -> Softcam panel -> Softcam -> Green button.

If you are using CCcam you need to check "Select Cam 1" is set to CCcam.xxxx
If you are using newcam, "Select Cam1" needs to say mgcamd_1.3xxx

See FAQ 14 which covers backing up and restoring.

The answer is yes. This just means you have missed quite a few updates, but as of now we have not known any problems being caused by updating anyway.

If it doesn't let you update you will need to re-flash WooshBuild from within WB Config. We always try to keep a recent version online which includes the software updates.

This used to apply to versions before WooshBuild v5. If you are still using an older WooshBuild, please update to WooshBuild v5

This happens when your USB device is not seen by the box as media/hdd and will need changing.
Blue button -> Mounts -> Device Manager - Your device should read: Mount: /media/hdd

If it doesn't, highlight it and:
Green button -> Then use the left button until it reads media/hdd
Then press the green button so save the changes. Your box will restart

InfoBar: Menu -> Set up -> Usage & Gui -> OSD settings -> Show infobar Picons -> No
This will now just show the SkyWB picon for all channels

EPG: EPG button -> Menu -> Service title mode - Picon or Picon and service name -> Green button to save

This seems to be an intermittent fault with OpenATV although people have reported the same on Vix. It only seems to effect Zgemma boxes. Raising the volume to 86 (high) sometimes brings it back and you then have to reduce the volume slowly, this doesn't always work.

Turning off the box and back on can fix this (Use deep standby before turning off box)
Re-flashing also solves this.

You may never see this issue, you may get it from time to time, it might happen once and never again.

Check you have deleted any unwanted recordings from the File list button.
Use a larger USB device
A worst case is that you need to wipe the USB and start again as the box isn't happy with it or it has become corrupt.

A 256gb USB stick from ebay for £5.00 is to good to be true - it is probably fake and will work for a little while. It is probably an 8gb usb stick hacked to look like a 128 or 256gb

At Kiddac's request back in November 2016 we are slowly removing Slyk from any new WooshBuild images we do so come WooshBuild v6 Slyk will be gone. It only remains on the zgemma boxes for now.

As a result we now have our own skin which we can do what we want with and have full control over it. SkyWB and SkyQ are automatically updated with software updates and are available to download from the plugins section.

If you are missing Slyk and you want it in WooshBuild you will need to find, install, configure and keep updated yourself.

This is now a thing of the paste and happened with WooshBuild v4. Whats more, Sky Atlantic is not available at the moment

This was one of those “can’t win” situations. In previous builds the remote number pressing time delay was just the box default but people sometimes complained that it wasn’t long enough. As a result I extended the time delay via the settings so that even my mum can press the buttons and have enough time to make a cup of tea before it switches channel..

To alter the speed of the channel changing after you have type a channel number either simply press the OK button which will change the channel instantly or edit the settings to suit your needs.

Menu -> Setup -> Usage & Gui -> Channel selection settings -> Up arrow once to see where you need to change.

In here you will see you can alter quite a lot.

WooshBuild v4 and above includes Grog’s excellent movie organiser plugin.

This plugin makes me very happy as your Zgemma box is now closer to an original Sly+ box than ever before. The Movie organiser plugin is enabled by default with WooshBuild v4 and will remain enabled as standard as getting as close to a plug and play Sly+ box is my goal.

If you have more than one recording of the same program, like a Sky+ box, the plugin will create a folder and move the recordings to the folder. Again, just like Sky, when you delete recordings in the folder and are left with just one recording, the folder is removed and the one left gets placed back in the main section of the device.

To disable the Movie Organiser please do the following:

Green button -> Select Movie Organiser -> Press the left direction button once to disable -> Green button (OK)

It is possible your drive has not been seen as media/hdd and needs the recording path and timeshift path re-setting even if once your get the the right plce in the menu as per below, it could need setting again.

Timeshift: Menu -> Setup -> Recordings & Timeshift -> Timeshift settings -> Timeshift Location - you need to navigate to the folder on the hard drive device called timeshift. Highlight it and press the green button, don't open it first.

Recording: Menu -> Setup -> Recordings & Timeshift -> Recording settings -> Default movie Location - you need to navigate to the folder on the hard drive device called movie. Highlight it and press the green button, don't open it first.

The newer WooshBuilds use a plugin to swap the boot screens around and no matter what normal action you take it won’t make any difference except maybe adding your screen to the 8 that are already there.

Remove the plugin called BootLogoSwapper (green -> red -> WooshBuild -> Bootlogoswapper -> OK

Then you can use the forum search function to find out how to create and add a new boot screen.

TV button -> Menu -> Add bouquet - Give it a name and save.

It will appear at the bottom of the bouquet list.

The tabs are there to look nice and be in keeping with Sky - they don't do anything

Menu -> Setup -> Usage & GUI -> Channel selection settings -> Show crypto icons - change to none.


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All available images have been uploaded. If your box hasn't been done yet, it will.

Any blame from this point on is to be put on Makido because I am sure it will be their fault.
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The WooshBuild website has been marked as unsafe by some ISPs and we don't know how long it will be until they clear this error.

In order to flash your box, please disable any safe internet browsing settings in your ISP account. This may also cause issues trying to install plugins from the wooshbuild plugin section.

Switching off the "safe surfing" settings in your ISP has been proved to solve this issue.

We are working on sorting this as quickly as we can.
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