Wooshbuoild v5 losing channels

If I turn off the H2S box and restart I only get the free channels no pay channels, my box is still connected to the internet and my lines are still there, never had this problem with 2S box anyone have any idea how to fix this.


Do you power down the zgemma? if so might be that try to just put in standby if you want it offish ;) Then any updating will still happen and unit should be okay?


I have the same problem, happening even if I dont put box on stanby.
I have 2 boxes only happens to one. if I change boxes around its sorts it out. But happens again to which ever box is in the the second round. Both are connected to the rounter by cable . Not wifi or powerline adapters . Cracking up trying to figure it out. Any one got ideas


I have had the same problem from time to time with my box. The cam file just seems to dissappear.. even importing a known working file does not work and the only option to get things back up and running is to reflash the box again. I only seem to have had this problem with the H2S


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Thanks for the replies, I have turned of the box a few times since and it comes back on as usual without me changing anything very strange but happy it is connecting to pay channels when it comes on.