Xbox 360 802.11n WiFi adapter reviewed by FCC


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by Griffin McElroy { 21 hours ago }

The IEEE recently standardized the 802.11n WiFi protocol, which has unofficially been appearing in consumer electronics products for over two years now. It seems that Microsoft is planning on keeping up with the times, as the Federal Communications Commission recently evaluated an "Xbox 360 Wireless N Networking Adapter" that adheres to the new WLAN standard. Using said protocol, this new adapter should afford users double the transfer speed they had using their previous dongles, and will also provide a massive boost in connection range to WiFi hotspots.

Of course, none of this matters if the thing costs $200 -- an estimate we arrived at using the "double the antennas, double the price" principle. We've contacted Microsoft for comment on the new hardware's due date and price point, and to find out if the new model effectively means we'll never, ever, ever see built-in WiFi for the 360.

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From - Joystiq [Xbox]