Xbox Controller Still Has A Future, Says Don Mattrick


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Don Mattrick, senior VP of Microsoft's interactive entertainment business, says that the company has no intention of ditching traditional controller-based games following the unveiling of its motion sensing Project Natal.

"I think we've got the best thumb-based controller ever created," Mattrick told Edge. "We're not going to take anything away. There will be controller-based games. What we're really doing is adding to our platform; when I think about Natal, I think of it like a Guitar Hero controller--it fits the experience better. There will still be games that use the controller, games that use only Natal, and games that use a combination.

"Think, you could be playing a game with a controller and have your character react when you instinctively duck out of the way of an explosion, or the ability to throw a grenade with a gesture. I don't think of Natal as taking anything away, I see it as adding more. As a creator, I love the potential to do more; I think it's going to net out a renaissance of new ideas. We haven't figured it all out, but I see it as additive."
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