HD51 4K Xstreamity keeps crashing, is there an alternative plugin?

Hi I need help My recorded movies are disappeared. I attached 100GB external hard with my box. When I press file list button of the remote. This below screen appears on the screen. I can not even record the programs. If some one could help me please. Thanks
have you set default path in recording settings


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is the hdd mounted as it says 0 GB at top of screen.
Is the hdd mounted correctly?
Menu,setup,system,storage devices,mount manager.(using openatv)
Also check swap manager is activated.


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I tried to scans channels through automatic scans and it is scanning approximately 490 channels.

Any idea, why is the auto bouquet maker not scanning other paid channels. Thank you

The scan using function in Enigma2 ( not using plugin like ABM) should find over 850 channels. If you are getting less than this, it is a hardware fault. Most probably LNB fault where it is only receiving channels on either Horizontal or Vertical plane. It could be a power supply issue.

For the ABM plugin, If you can't receive the home transponder that a provider uses, the plugin will not complete.