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youtube Vids uploaded at last


Yes folks i did it. I finally managed to upload vids from my pc/mobile to YouTube.

I was told how easy it was - lol well it should have been. Took me hours to sort out.

Yes my phone should have been able to find the vid and upload, oh no not me, found another vid but not the ones i wanted. I tried searching the phone and the memory card.

Eventually managed to load them onto my pc via nokia pc suite, THEN had to find out where they were stored on my pc.

So now i have 3 vids on youtube lol! I was given a unique email by youtube so that i can email vids, lol tried that and it seemed to take forever for my phone or pc to email them.
So now gonan go out and make some more vids and enjoy uploading them to my Youtube account yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I may be blonde and over 40.................................. BUT I DID IT :loco:


TK Veteran
LOL nice to no iv still alot of reading,research before i catch you up linny. oh hows oscar. good i hope.(y)


lol Dee if i can do it you can do it!
Oscar is doing ok, still with us, but not eating as much.
I will try n make one of him and add it to the pet central section next week when i have more time on my hands


lol im probably gonna go mobile and reptile crazy taking vids now fora while ( till i get bored lol) Then it will be time to learn how to use me video camera that has a direct Youtube Link lol!