Zegemma h2s on boot

hi, thanks for reading my thread.

Recently my box went off and continued tripping on boot mode.
My cousin had a second box all set up with my account details on external hard drive ect.
Checked it at his house all channels working fine.

I got home, connected the box up and switched it on. It went through the boot mode no problems.
I switched to the box ‘Whoosh build’ logo on the screen, checked epg, all channels there and turned to a channel....
Box switched to boot mode again! I cannot do anything with it.

Phoned my cousin, who explained he couldn’t find any issues with my old box. He said it is working fine. I told him about the same issue with the new box.
My IP is with Virgin media...not sure if this as anything to do with it. No problems before.

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I can’t get into the box to carry out a network test.
It just says boot on the box...cannot do anything with.
I am gonna take it back to my cousins and check it there. Bring it back and plug it back in.

Thanks for the reply


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Did you take just the box to your cousin's or did you take the PSU/plug?
If you used his power supply then that is your problem, you need a new one


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Try a different psu as Pablo has stated if no joy with different psu then a reflash should sort it for you