zgemma combo tune failed on a few channels all images

i recently bought a cpl of zgemma im using them on cable

i have an issue when i use sport1 hd or a cpl of hd channels the signal level comes back 0% or tune failed

ive reeflashed this ive put differentimages on and still the same problem



Tuner a not connected and fine at my home,not there's. Last thing I'm going to try is removing any cable splitters. See if that is causing to weaken the signal.

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Wonder if there is a way to test vm signal strength like u would satelite.


Your zgema will tell you. Where the reading is will depend on the skin you're using. Look for the 'SNR' reading. There will be a reading for each channel.


Problem sorted, the splitter seemed to be reducing the signal to the downstairs feed. Splitter removed and all channels bk in HD.