ZGemma h2 finds over 300 channels but only fta work....green light flashing...?...


I've got a ZGemma h2 on red hd on vm connected to tuner b ...tuner a not configured ....abmscan comes up with 300+ channels epg all populates good but only can get fta channels checked network all ok as far as I can see but still no joy......restarted cam...one thing I noticed is a green flashing arrow on the epg in the left not sure what this is or a factor.... Also box was in another house on wifi dongle before...but like I said done a network scan all came back good been at it a while now with no joy... Strange as finds the channels but only view the fta ...any help guys
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You do not mention that you have a subscription with a provider, if you haven't got a sub then you will only get free to air channels. if you do have a sub. have you got a mg_cfg file for cable in the file with your line.


I believe I have a sub as this box came with one it says active in softcam how do I check if I've got a mg cfg in the file for my line thanks

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Get laptop and ftp to box as its virmin it should be a nline so go to usr/keys there you should see a file called newcamd.list and mg_cfg. Have you reflashed the box since you recieved it as this will delete lines from box. Also were it says active thats the cam thats active not your line