Zgemma H2s - audio description help

Hi guys and gals, wonder if you can help, I have read through a lot of threads relating to audio description settings and how to stop them, but not having much luck

i have a Zgemma H2s setup and working fine using the guides on techkings, but for the life of me can't get the narrative audio description turned off completely by default on both tuners.

some channels play the audio description, while others don't (suppose this is because some channel seems don't broadcast the audio description), when I hear it I select the audio button on the remote and see mpeg 1 nar selected, I then choose mpeg 2...this works fine but have to do this a lot of times

when I stream from my iPhone, I get the same issue, but there is no option within the app to deselect this.

i have looked through the settings on the Zgemma and tired to change a few settings but then it just re-appears.

so the question is, how do I get rid of this once and for all.......

any help would be appreciated