zgemma h2s multi-sat out of my depth?


hi all,

currently trying to configure another satellite into tuner B of my h2s box, tuner A has 28.2e hooked up.

single satellite scanning went well and found about 1000 channels from astra 19.2e but when it comes up in "last scanned" section - there is hardly any epg and a lot of channels do not work.

ive had this dish hooked up to an entirely different box and it seems to find channels that the h2s is not finding so to speak.

for example, i used to watch german channel RTL, and now cannot find this on the new h2s scan. its in no order either.

1) how do i select upon booting, which satellite i want to select?
2) how do i get it in order?
3) how do i get an epg for astra channels?

anyone gifted soul who is multi satellite tech please help.

nb - when searching the signal in signal finder for astra 19.2e - the snr = 88/89%, the agc = 10%, ber = 0%

having loads of channels not in order and lots of them black screened not working is setting off my ocd something mental.

i need it all organised and the set up like wooshmans build for 28.2 - then i will know what i am doing :)

cheers for any help.
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I woudl have a search of the dedicated zgemma section for your box, here: Zgemma-Star H.2S

Chances are someone has asked and received the answer your looking for. I'm sorry I could not have been more help other than pointing you in the direction of the section for your box.

best of luck :)


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Put 28.8 onto tuner B and setup tuner A on 19.2 - Why I don't know but your will see better results.

I have a Multi LNB setup and have my tuners setup as above but I use a Diseqc

One dish, 2 LNBs. This is the same as 2 dishes.

LNB 1 (28.2 Octo)
1 x 28.2 feed goes straight to tuner b
1 x 28.2 feed goes to a four port Diseqc box
Other cables from the octo lnb go to other boxes in the house.

LNB 2 (19.2 Single)
1 x 19.2 feed goes into Diseqc

Diseqc now has

1 x 19.2 and 1 x 28.2
This has a single cable going back to the box which is tuner A

You then tell the box that Tuner A uses a diseqc and that is is both 19.2 and 28.2 and that tuner B is 28.2

A scan of Tuner A will then scan both sats.

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