ZGemma H2S Problem


Good Morning All

I am having no end of problems with my Zgemma H2S box at the moment....

I had Wooshbuild installed on it and it was working brilliantly. Then about 4 days ago the box would crash and reboot after I had watched a recording. I decided to re install the box earlier this evening. That is when the problems started. I could not install the wooshbuild V7 or infinity no matter how often I tried and I read the instructions and watched youtube vids.

I then tried Vix and that seemed to work OK for a start but after a while some of the channels are missing...E4 CH4HD to name but 2.

I have tried a NIT scan, deinstalled and reinstalled AutoBouquetsMaker. different settings for FTA in ABM.

I then thought i'll start again. Connected to the box using putty and went through the setup and it is now asking for information about my box ie model number (H2S was not listed) which partition to use....It didn't ask this before?

Where am I going wrong?




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None at moment but as have wooshbuild wondered about any issues I might have as above has problems installing so wanted to know of any issues and fixes in case I need to reinstall


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Openvix never supported your box as some ofthe patched images are from another receiver
outdated non working moved channels on older builds and possibly needing a newer build
Always have line and cfg files backed up on pc and when you reflashed was it from scratch and no settings restore?
Atv images have no softcams but are in RESOURCES on forum.