ZGemma H9S corrupts timer on disk full (end time modified)


Hi everyone,

Really like the H9S except for one thing -- when the USB stick is filled up,
recordings will (obviously) fail, but several timers become corrupted. The
symptom is that the timer end time is set to one minute
before the start time; for example if a timer is set to record from 22:00 - 23:00, it
will show as 22:00 - 21:59.

While it would seem reasonable that restoring the original timer end-time value
would restore the timer to operation, what I've found instead is that the timers
have at this point become fundamentally corrupted, and restoring the original end-time values won't restore the timers to operation. Once those end-times
have been altered by the unit itself, the only recourse is to create brand new timers
to replace the (apparently) corrupted ones.

The other odd thing is that this doesn't affect all timers; some that were set up a
while ago and been restored across firmware flashes don't seem to be affected, but
newer ones can reliably be expected to be affected.

Anyway, if anyone has observed something similar and can offer any insight or advice
it would be much appreciated; ideally would like to prevent the box from corrupting my
timers (again, symptom is that timer end times are set to one minute before start times,
which happens when storage is full), or at least find out how to reliably restore timers to
operation simply by restoring the end time values, rather than by recreating the timers.

Thank you


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That would delay the problem happening -- but would still have to recreate the timers
after I forgot to clean out the 500GB disk and it filled up...