Zgemma i55


Looking for guides please.
I want to use my zgemma with a whooshbuild sky skin and add my iptv as an m3u line with epg. I can get the build, skin and m3u line added but struggle to get epg to import.
I have flashed. Add whooshbuild. Then with putty copied the EBqt file to /tmp and /etc and /etc/enigma2 ... (tried all).
Then I have gone back to putty and copied my m3u line over... it seems to build and parse m3u.
I got to epgimport , select my EBqt but import is 0 items.
Any ideas....
Was going to use xtreme it Every time I install it I never get a blue button to allow me to validate ...
Help help help


TK Veteran
Is your supplier listed in epg importer and have ticked that and all the sources rytec xmltv and virgin.Also is your epg saving to hdd and not flash. If you have your m3u and epg url you could use e2m3u2bouquet maker.