Zgemma Star H1 Query



Really need some help, I have never updated the Firmware/Software since purchase 2 yrs ago, I’ve lost some channels & audio on a fair few as well. I’ve paid up until April 2018 & I’m using VM. The only way I update the channels is from an AutoBouquets, usually this solves things with a new scan but its not happening.

The box is quite complicated as I don’t want to sod anything up because I may lose it all, can anyone help me please, get my box up to date etc & restore everything? Lol I don’t even know how to turn off the Audio Description.

I’m sure there are some videos or guides etc. I don’t mind using Remote Access by TeamViewer if it was to speed things up a little, I know I need a Portable/Pendrive HDD to do the updates but like I said I’m just too afraid because the Box is so complex. I went on the official Zgemma Site & it said there was an update for the Firmware for December 2016.

If anyone needs a screenshot of anything let me know please.

Many Thanks
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TK Veteran
You need to keep your box updated
As some changed need newer firmware to run

If your not sure what your are doing run a build and backup your line first