ZGemma Star H2 - Cannot Flash


Hello All,

Hoping I can get some suggestions / ideas.

I have a ZGemma Star H2 box stuck on boot; it is totally unresponsive. I have tried to to flash it with the sucmnsee Vix image, but the box refuses to recognise the USB stick. I have done the low-level format with HDD Low Level Tool and then performed a full FAT32 windows format. I copied the zgemma folder onto the drive, plugged it in and turned the box on but it just sits there and says "boot" and does nothing.

I am using an 8GB Sandisk Cruzer Blade which has worked in the past, but the box refuses to recognise it. I have also tried a 32GB Sandisk Data Traveller with no luck.

I can't get into the box to change any settings, is there any other way to connect to the box?

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.