Zgemma to fire tv via dream player


Hi i've just installed dream player on my fire tv and am currently streaming from my zgemma h2h box but at the moment i can only view the same channel on both.
I'm guessing that dream player needs to connect to the other tuner but can anyone advise on how to do so please?
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Yes, in order to watch one channel on fireTV and another on the ZGemma you'll need to use both tuners.

Just remember the H2H only has one cable tuner and one sat tuner, so to use both tuners you'll need a cable connection, a satellite dish, a cable line and a satellite line and it also needs to be setup to use both (like DSayers backup image).

(You might already know all about that - just getting the basics out the way!)


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No i didn't know all that thanks.
Unfortunatel i have your image on for the cable only option so will mean changing everything yea?
I do have a dish and a sattelite line too - they are connected/installed on an openbox at present.
So if i require dream player to stream a different channel i'll have to start from scratch with the zgemma?