Hi just purchased a zgemma h2s. are they easy to setup and use? struggling to get started.
Used a spiderbox 6000 before are they as good or better?


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It depends how you want to go about it.
If you want to be up n running as quickly as possible wooshbuild is the way to go.
If you want to set everything up yourself there are a few guides on here to get you started.


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To do it all your self all you need is 4 things

an auto bouquests plugin ( ab e2 / abm*)
an way populate the EPG (crossepg / epgimport*)
you can get a cam manger (I don't know names)
and time

once you know what your doImg you can have a box up and running in 30mins
scanning channels takes the longest

that is lol you need to get up and running, everything else are extras

* the ones I would use for a simple life


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An anyone help me I'm trying to load a nline in to zgemma but been on utube it look like I'm missing some file like newcamlist how do I find it cheers


Lot easier if you download wooshbuild and add your nline to the usb
Just flash the box
Sit back and follow the instructions onscreen