Good morning everyone.

I have a couple of zgemma boxes that worked fine until my subscriptions ran out.
Where i got them from has long since gone.

So im looking for some pointers as im confused.

1 box has Xtream tv and is looking for autherization and i have a mac address on the right side of screen.

2 box has extream editor and is looking for a line under the qr code is a number.

Please can you help me as to a good subscription service for both boxes ?

I sent £15 to (removed) who sent a user name and password and the asked for the qr code number but never got
an answer so that £15 thrown away.

Thanking You In Advance.

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need to edit your post mate as you are not allowed to name a supplier.
You can ask in the request a sub section.


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There’s no need for a provider to send you username and password if using xtream editor you send them the wrong code they do the rest have you tried pressing yellow wait till done then blue in the xe downloader.
As for xtream tv they have to add your Mac to there panel to activate it bud but as rapidwrinkley has mentioned edit your post as naming providers isn’t allowed.
Do they not have a ticket system so you can raise a ticket with them??

can always request a trial from here Read First Post - Request A Good IPTV Server - Aug/Sept/Oct 2021
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as baz says all dun online nu just import looks to me like supplier fobbing u of, havnt used jedi,editor or owt else 4 years tho but costs both sides custom exes sent from lappy/pc are miles better