zghemma h2s stuck on 49 when newly flashed


hiya, when i reflashed my zgemma h2s it reaches 49 and stops and the setup screen appears, Ican carry on and setup openatv no problem but it freezes after an hour or so and have to restart.The only thing whichn i did that might have affected the box is doing a factory reset since then i have had problems, is there a download or a file i could install to correct this


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Read this mate

Stuck on "49" on start up

id flash another image any then factory reset ( although should not be needed) then install opevatv again.

It could aslo be a weak PSU as the image start to load the drivers and the tuner kicks in more power is required and the psu starts to fail.
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Yikes factory reset on a H2 or beat to death with a hammer. Psu is very plausible as giving issues.


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Getting stuck at 49 is almost always a skin issue.
To the OP, choose a different skin during flash/setup, something lower Res than what you've been choosing


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49 is a storage issue ,needs reflashing fully n usb setting up correctly n be fine but as pablo says skin .. but the error codes iv seen wer storage issues ,remove it it should boot but i wouldnt run a h2s with out storage


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Never been a fan of the network flashing tbh. Still think this is the PSU though.
tested it many moons ago tbf buddy anything past 49 will let u connect thru net ect h2s demand everything keeping away from box any thing not set right with usb storage on a reboot will get stook on 49 ,remove usb ,reboot it may boot it may stick but a simple reflash with a lower base image ,thenusb setup from with in the base image then what ever adding ,infinity iv used ,double check after alls good ,has never given me any issues ,but tbf id find it hard to find a customor on a h2s lol i know iv got 2 star s ,h2h + 4 h2s in my crap cupbord lolfrom peeps upgrading to h9s ones ,but again iv set all up myself so i know its right