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Discussion in 'Sony PSP' started by jamin2103, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. can anyone help me on how to play copied games on my psp go and my 3000 like i do on my nds and tell me where to get software and instructions etc..
    many thanks
  2. bobby123


  3. And should this work for psp go and normal psp`s (3000, 2000, 1000).and will i still need a memory card for the psp go as it got internal memory.
    cheers mate
  4. bobby123


    as i have not got psp i cannot tell you sume one on the forum will help you
  5. You cannot use the internal memory, you will need a memory card to store your backups and then play them on the PSP.

    The guide given by Bobby should get you going. This is not for the PSP Go. But just for the PSP's. Could you post the exact model of the PSP? (take the cover and battery off, and it should say it on the sticker. The guide may be out of date as the PSP scene has moved on drastically. Could you also post the firmware version of the PSP? (Can be found under System Settings)