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Sky Box Office

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by n1cks21, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. n1cks21

    n1cks21 Member

    I have an issue with Box Office, the issue has happened on the last few PPV events including tonight, as the PPV event starts the screen freezes the set timer fails, the only way to record an event is to wait until it starts and then start to record?

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  2. miccheck1516

    miccheck1516 Member

    Have a look at the e4 recording issue thread and see if you have the same issue on channels 135-139, timers wouldn't work for me but recording while watching did so might be the same issue...

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  3. djgarf

    djgarf TK Veteran

    Are you using openatv or openvix or a premade build using one of the previous?
  4. n1cks21

    n1cks21 Member

    openatv barebones

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    I tested it with the last PPV (wrestling) it did the same for that and every replay it froze on the same trailer (boxing) it showed the same trailer before each showing and it froze in exactly the same place, I watched the boxing PPV start tonight, the same trailer came on and again it froze at the same spot, I had to stop and restart my cam to get it to work and then I could record it.

    I will look at the e4 recording issue
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  5. djgarf

    djgarf TK Veteran

    What cam software are you running?
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  6. n1cks21

    n1cks21 Member

    I was originally using mgcamd but thought that might have been my issue so I changed to oscam with 3 lines, as soon as the boxing has finished I will try the e4 fix and see if that fixes the issue, I should be able to test on the boxing replays.
  7. djgarf

    djgarf TK Veteran

    This has by happened to me with the last few wrestling events and I'm running oscam too
    I'm running wooshbuild and pretty sure the e4 fix is bundled in with it.
    Now I think about it the first time it happened was just after I changed to oscam but I'm not sure if that was around the same time as I used the e4 fix.
    Will try and look back through my posts and see if I can work it out

    Done the e4 fix on the 13/8 and pretty sure box office stuff recorded fine after that
    Changed to oscam 1/10 and since then all the wwe ppv events on box office have failed to record

    Might try switching back to mgcamd next Sunday for the next ppv and see if it makes a difference
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  8. n1cks21

    n1cks21 Member

    I have restored an image I did before I installed oscam (so back to mgcamd), the repeat is in the morning, so will report back.
  9. bobless

    bobless VIP Member/ Veteran Forum Supporter

    Why people are using oscam (seems to be the trend lately)when no need if your the end user and only causes issues with those who dont know oscam.As an end user use mgcamd or cccam aslong as you are with a good provider youll have no issues.
  10. TheMacMan

    TheMacMan Member

    I watched and recorded the fight tonight using a n-line it glitched only once.just my 2 pennies worth.
  11. nickyd186

    nickyd186 TK Veteran

    heard about this from a few people and they all had oscam in common. I use CCcam and ppv recording via timer works a treat
  12. n1cks21

    n1cks21 Member

    yeah I can confirm, I tested with both replays of the Boxing PPV today one with oscam and one with mgcamd, first replay timer worked using mgcamd second timer replay failed using oscam.
  13. systemlord

    systemlord TK Veteran

    I've also foung mgcamd to be better than oscam on my H2Ss. Maybe the zgemma's just don't like it lol
  14. djgarf

    djgarf TK Veteran

    Weird that it only causes issues with the box office channel when recording.
    Will switch to mgcam next Sunday b4 bed if I remember, if not I will watch it on kodi.
  15. n1cks21

    n1cks21 Member

    OK, I tested, last night and it worked perfectly on the timer with mgcam, tried again today on the replay and it failed again using OSCAM, found a work around if you really want to use OSCAM, when you set the the PPV to record add a minute to the start time so if it starts at 6pm for example set it to 6:01pm, I have tested it on two replays and it worked using this method, not ideal I know but works and PPV's have a lot of faff at the start anyway.