1. W

    ABM Sports bouquet broken

    For some reason, my sports bouquet is missing a lot of channels: I've tried to update provider files on ABM, changed my region too but its still the same. If I change the region to London HD then all the channels are there albeit HD versions which dont work with icam. Any other suggestions...
  2. G


    Oright people av installed wooshbuild a really liked it etc bit then a installed atv 6.3 on its own installed a few plugin . then installed abm 3.1 from the plugin menu from system plugin but when you use the plugin it onlky gives you option to select region so ive set my regiong tae glesga bit...
  3. D

    zgemma H3.2TC grogbuild - unable to activate cam

    Hi Guys. I have a zgemma h3.2TC which was previously running ipabtv but just updated to the latest Grogbuild via Openwebif terminal after problems with ABM not updating channels correctly. Everything is set up, (tuners, net ID, bouquets,skin) etc and I am able to receive FTA (for what is...
  4. Afriendtoall

    ABM 2.1 not working or updating

    My ABM stopped functioning normally recently (tuning failed fatal) and I wasn’t able to update the config files (incompatible versions). So I deleted ABM now all my channels have dissapeared and I can’t get them back, can anyone help? I’m a noob when it comes to all this stuff. My box is edision...
  5. A

    ABM bouquet names

    Hi, Can anyone please advise on how to remove "the Virgin (UK) - " before each bouquet name? I would like the bouquet names to be simply (Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sports, etc...) not (Virgin (UK) - Entertainment) ... Hope my question is clear. Thanks
  6. Jenson_Button

    SS Sports HD Only

    This Thread is for SS Sports HD Only, if any other channel doesn’t work do not reply to this thread. Channels affected: SkySports Main Event HD SkySports PL HD SkySports Football HD SkySports Cricket HD SkySports Golf HD SkySports F1 HD SkySports Action HD SkySports Arena HD Have you done...
  7. F

    AutoBouquetsMaker Hides all

    Hi, I have woosh 7.1 fresh install and using EPGimporter to pull in bouquets and epg. Up until now I was able to hide the ones i didn't want through AutoBouquetsMaker but all of a sudden they all hiding! If I turn off hiding completely it works fine but don't really want to do that as it will...
  8. B

    Hide channels permentantly? (even after ABM Scan)

    Is there anyway to hide certain channels e.g. non working ones in the future. You can manually delete them from the service list but they will show up after the daily abm scan. On OpenATV. Thanks.
  9. siilver

    blank docs epg - 7f3 to 7d9

    just wondering if anyone has some of their docs epg blank on satellite, with ABM, with epgimport and openatv i went in and look at the .tv files and the channels that have the blank epg part of the reference code is different to what epgimport has for them current reference...
  10. A

    ABM In Plugins Menu

    Basically iv upgraded to Wooshbuild 6 an I'm sure ABM used 2b in d plugin menu? (Jus a lil annoyance of mine) I no it's a setting somewher i cnt 4my life memba which 1 it was so cn sum1 hlp plz? TIA
  11. M

    ABM questions Multi Sat Feeds

    Hi all, Decided to try and cut down on the number of receivers we have and run both UK freesat and Turkish (42.E) through one ZGemmma Box (running whooshbuild) I've connected the turkish feed to tuner B, disconnected the lnb in line and left the tuner A in. Set up and did a manual scan on...
  12. CAptChaos08

    Replace non-working channels

    So I've been busy replacing any non-working Sly channels with working IPTV alternatives through e-channelizer. I've had to disable ABM E2 for fear of it running overnight and un-doing all my hard work. Does anyone know if it's possible to either stop ABM E2 over-writing my replacement IPTV...
  13. S

    iptv bouquet dissapearing when abm runs

    hi, I have an iptv bouquet on my enigma 2 box running vix I upload via putty and it works great but when autobouquetsmaker runs to update the sly bouquets it is deleting the iptv bouquet... is there anything I can do to stop abm from deleting the iptv bouquet.
  14. D

    Virgin Media - Galway, Republic of Ireland

    I'm considering getting VM setup at home and was wondering about using my Gigablue Quad+ which has 2xDVB-C tuners installed. I've hit a couple of issues. I don't see Galway in the AMB list. I see Dublin and Waterford1 and Waterford2 but all 3 of these don't work for me. I've also tried a full...