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Hi all,

Decided to try and cut down on the number of receivers we have and run both UK freesat and Turkish (42.E) through one ZGemmma Box (running whooshbuild)
I've connected the turkish feed to tuner B, disconnected the lnb in line and left the tuner A in. Set up and did a manual scan on tuner B and found the channels ok.

I've uninstalled Autobouquets E2 and Cross EPG and installed ABM and epgimport. ABM i have added the turkish and uk freesat channels set both to FTA only. When scanning if ive read the menu right i would expect to see a single turkish bouquet and then the uk fta ones broken down into entertainment kids etc. Which I think I get however Im still getting scrambled channels from the turkish side and no channel numbering that I can see on the EPG (which is mostly empty for the turkish channels but i think thats a source issue) ideally i would have the uk channels as they would be numbered on sky and then the turkish ones maybe as 4 digit numbers like 1001.

1. How doni remove the scrambked channels.
2. Hiw do i reinstate channel numbering.

Thank you.


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In ABM set the providers order so sky uk is on top. For the scrambled channels isn't there an FTA only option for Turkish? if there is and It's still displaying them raise an issue on abm github
For channel numbers on epg that's a bit of a pain and isn't as simple what image are you using?


Thank you for your help I swapped the provider order and the uk channels are listed the same as they would be on sky :)

I did select Turkish FTA so I will take a look at the github link in the meantime is it possible to remove channels that are showing nothing but a black wcreen (without them retuning).

Also using wooshbuild image, only out of habit so completely open to changing build or going back to stock and just applying a skin etc.

Thinking about it wouldn't mind what numbering convention is used so long as it was shown on the EPG right now it doesn't provide the channel numbers
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ABE2 adds channel numbers but thats for sky uk only you can do similar with ABM but that would be for sky uk aswell.

For deleting channels you could disable abm schedule then press tv button highlight a channel then press menu, and choose 8 remove entry once you have done choose purge bouquets.

I delete ABM channels via custommix but thats for sky uk so im not sure how it would work for other sats.

Try this create a file with notepad++ called sat_420_turksat_CustomMix.xml now inside past this

        <delete target="422"></delete>
Copy <delete target="422"></delete> and change the channel numbers you will need to find the logical channel numbers to delete them if this doesn't work again you'll have to raise it as an issue on GitHub or find the ABM support forum.

For channel numbers on epg you will need to do this at your own risk and be confident in editing core components and re-flashing as software updates can brake it.

Warning for openatv 6.0 and above only do not use this on openatv 5.3

Copy all the text and past in Notepad and save as Epglist.py

Copy all the text and past in Notepad and save as UsageConfig.py

Now ftp both epglist.py and UsageConfig.py to usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components and save the pyo versions to desktop reboot box.

I take no responsibility for people braking there boxes the above is done at your own risk.


Thank you @dsayers2014 i will try the custommix.xml first (once ive created this where do i upload in the box?
Will give give the other bits a try most likely saturday where ill have time to reflash the box if i break it.


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Sorry /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/SystemPlugins/AutoBouquetsMaker/custom as I said you will need to find the Turkish logical channel numbers to delete.

If the Turk FTA sats have less than 100 channels you could try adding them to a uk custommix see here for mine I use to mix sat and cable
So <insert target="129" source="121" provider="cable_uk_virgin" ></insert> <!-- Sky 2 sd --> insert target is where you want to place the channel ie 001 source is the logical channel numbers so you will need to find out what the channel numbers are then provider needs to be sat_420_turksat

There is a few possibilities but im not sure how they would work so you maybe best finding the ABM support forum