1. Prim@l

    NordVPN 2 Years + 3 months free - 100% Cashback via Quidco! Updated: 22/03/2024

    VPN Cashback Edit: 09/04/2024 Quidco: PIA = 86% off and 95% cashback. 2 Years + 4 months. Surfshark = 86% off and 70% cashback. 2 Years + 3 months. TopCashBack: PIA = 83% off and 95% cashback. 2 Years + 4 months. Surfshark = 80% off and 40% cashback. 2 Years + 3 months.
  2. Dar1437

    Walk Safe

    The technology helping keep women safe on the streets
  3. cactikid

    Program to translate page.

    Using Firefox on w7 wondered what people use to translate a foreign page to english.
  4. P

    morphixtv version 1.11 Version 1.11

    Movies and TV shows in HD quality. All the movies and TV shows can be played in just One click Movies and TV shows and constantly adding new movies in its database tried it on firestick 4k and T95 max box
  5. pabloescaban

    Windows 7 blank menus in applications?

    recently I've noticed that some applications have blanked out menus? for example, when I open filezilla, navigate to usr/keys folder to change/alter the lines etc, the menu's don't show filenames and I have to guess, take a butchers: This also occurs in other programmes I use, like if I...
  6. U

    New Android APP - Best I've Seen

    Anyone Else Seen this new Android APP? It look amazing!
  7. W

    How to un-root my android box.

    Hi, I’m not entirely sure what a rooted device is to start. I have an T95Z android box and I have access to the Sky Q app. I can download it but when trying to watch something it says it won’t play on a rooted device? Is there a simple way to un-root the box? Or an easier way to get the app...
  8. LordAaron

    Best IPTV app for iPhone?

    Anyone got any thoughts or opinions? I'm currently using Flex IPTV which is ok, but for some reason when I try and install the EPG, the app crashes. I tried GSE too but the layout is awful imo. I don't mind paying for the app but the reviews out there are so hit and miss.
  9. muckievillan

    Windows 10 can't download apps

    Hi all, I'm posting this in Ebooks, Technology & Operating Systems because I don't know where I should post it? I use eyegaze given to me from my local OTs because I can't use my hands. I can't download any apps to it because of restrictions and I need an ebook reader that can read epub...
  10. K

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Xtrend ET8500 Browser

    Hi Basically, i want to be able to go on the internet using the box so I can log onto iFollow and watch my team through the box any ideas?
  11. Bobbywolly

    Persistant pop up

    For a few weeks now this pop up has randomly appeared when I have been on the internet using either the Chrome or Boat browsers on my Samsung S2 tablet and it's driving me nuts. The bottom left corner provides short cuts to recent apps and the top half is some random advert. Does anyone know how...
  12. Almighty Jambon


    has anyone used iplayTV app on Apple TV?
  13. millerkev

    tricky networking modem problem

    hi guys/gals since switchin over to virgin from sly i have encountered some slight networking problems virmin router turned into modem mode and the changes made to my dd-wrt flashed router my own and the mrs iphone connected with no issues the h52tc playing happily away smart tv again no...
  14. Blizzard17

    IPTV - Amazon Fire Sticks

    Does anybody know if you can run IPTV on the Amazon Fire Sticks with a complete EPG? As looking to get rid of kodi and possibly run a app that might do all of the above? Cheers
  15. D

    Smart IPTV remote app for FireTV/Kodi box

    Does anyone know of a Smart IPTV remote app that can work with the FireTV? The standard remote and Android remote app both work however they only have limited buttons.
  16. Martinrobert

    Does dreamplayer app / vu+ app work on zgemma h2h

    Hi guys just wonderd if any knew if the zgemma h2h will connect to android via dream player app i know it works on the 2hs just want to know if its the same with zgemma h2h cheers