1. Dar1437

    Eve's dropping via a Light Bulb

    How Hackers Use An Ordinary Light Bulb To Spy On Conversations 80 Feet Away
  2. A

    HD channel no audio option showing H3.2tc

    Hi I have a H3.2tc on Openatv 6.0 with whooshbuild infinity on it, running VM HD+ skin. One one of the HD (Asian channel Sony MAX HD) channel is getting video but no sound. Going into the select audio track menu it doesn't show the audio channel option (yellow button), only the AC3 Downmix...
  3. P

    No sound on recordings on Openvix Zgemma H2S

    For the last month, the normal audio track on my recordings is not present. If I switch the audio track on the recording to NAR, the sound is there, but obviously with the narration as well. I haven't done anything to the box like changing settings, or flashing it, it just stopped recording the...
  4. grog68

    no audio on H2 HD and few others knowsley1

    I have had a call from someone that had a box from me a while back and they appear to have no audio on H2 HD and a few other HD channels. I've checked all the channels affected and get audio on all of them. She has tried her box at a friends house and had the same no audio issue. ABM is...
  5. N

    Zgemma H2S audio issues

    Hi guys I am banging my head atm, i had very low sound on all channels and for some reason the down audio mix was enabled, it wasn't like that last night very weird, so i turned it off and everything returned to normal..... Now I've got a very low sound on bbc 1 only downmix is not enabled...
  6. Narrator-Only-Option-Small


    No option to choose another audio source, other than Narrator. :(
  7. Narrator-On-Only


    No option to choose another audio source, other than Narrator. :(
  8. ellobee

    Audio Commentary/Narration

    When I'm watching movie channels on Kodi streamed from my Zgemma H2s I get an audio commentary for the visually impaired. If I watch the same channels on the tv there is no commentary which makes me think it might be a kodi setting rather than a Zgemma setting, does anyone know how I can turn it...
  9. S

    Audio - IPTV

    I am just getting my head around the IPTV settings with my H.2H and wondering if i can change the language to English on some of the IPTV channels? I recall, with my old Dreambox and a lot of the Euro movie channels or documentary channels with CS i could easily change from say Italian/German...
  10. N

    H2S loss of sound through tv and surround system

    Hi, just installed whooshbuild v5 on my H2s and all appeared running well. Then I lost all sound on all channels through tv and connected surround sound system. Tried turning off and on no change. Switched to terrestrial tv and sound is back. Any ideas please?