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No sound on recordings on Openvix Zgemma H2S


For the last month, the normal audio track on my recordings is not present. If I switch the audio track on the recording to NAR, the sound is there, but obviously with the narration as well.

I haven't done anything to the box like changing settings, or flashing it, it just stopped recording the audio all of a sudden.

Any help would be much appreciated on this.
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Quick update....

Just realised that it's the HD channels that don't have sound. Just switched on the option 'Dolby Digital / DTS downmix' and now I have sound. It's strange as the Zgemma is connected to my DTS amp and used to work.



I didn't really want to re-flash the box again, just wanted to know why it was working fine and then all of a sudden it has stopped working.


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Powers that be dont want your box working so various things are done to piss you off,cat and mouse for the last many years and you will eventually have to reflash box to get it working again as old images will fail.
Streams with data move and boxes cant use older data hence why upgrade is needed.