1. J

    H5.2tc stuck on boot and cant re-flash

    Help needed please, ran a star2s on sly for a couple of years, just bitten the bullet and got a vermin line in the house. Purchased a brand new shiny H5.2tc which came with open atv pre loaded. Ipab is the software I'm familiar with so I set about trying to flash it. 5 USB's and a few hours...
  2. Luffy

    Box wont boot or flash new image, got a blue screen

    Hi, I attempted to change my splash, but now my box won't boot or flash an image. It just shows this screen. Please can someone help me? Thanks, Luffy
  3. Andy Mcd

    Boot Logos, Screens

    Bit of fun what boot screens logos do we all have :)
  4. W

    Zgemma stuck on boot after upgrade.

    Hi tried updating my box from whooshbuild v5 to v6 the box restarted and it's stuck on the boot logo? Any help guys it's frying my brain. Cheers.
  5. mtpockets

    Xorion LogoMatik 2017-03-05

    Xorion LogoMatik This link downloads a self extracting .rar file (for Windows PC). Once installed enter your box ip and username / password in the ftp settings. Click the "Scan E2 STB" button you can retrieve all the logos of your device, save them as images and MVI, and modify and send...