1. retromobiles

    OTHER revez software

    I was wondering would anyone know how to get the revez Q9/10/11/12 range of boxes back to being able to add an IPTV service again? In the past the revez range had an Iptv service working on the boxes and there is still an option to an m3u file in settings... ive tried to add t it but no joy...

    Kodi box users could face up to TEN years in jail
  3. D

    what box please cheaply

    Hi guys. so ive switched from openbox and have a decent iptv stream to my laptop which I'm happy with now. What is the cheapest way to get it onto my tv as I don't have a smart tv?. Is there anything I can get cheap from currys or argos that I can just put the web link in?? Sorry for dumb...
  4. T

    Internet keeps disconnecting when boxes are connected to network

    Hope you can help me out here I've got an issue my boxes and everything where working fine recently and my virmin broadband was working perfectly but recently it stopped working. 1 day my boxes and the internet with virmin where working perfectly and after a couple of days my internet went off...
  5. Haroon Mustafa

    How many boxes can i have in my house

    Hello, I have a zgemma star h.2s working with sky sd and virgin media channels (hd). I would like to set up another box and subscribe to a line. The other box will be upstairs. I have a few questions regarding this. Will I be able to get FTA channels on the upstairs box? My dish is already...
  6. christara

    Large IPTV Piracy Ring Shut Down

    Copy and pasted from Torrentfreak source Large IPTV Piracy Ring Shut Down by Spanish Police and Europol BY ERNESTO ON APRIL 7, 2017 C: 1 BREAKING Police in Spain have shut down a large IPTV piracy operation with help from Europol and Bulgarian authorities. The group was operating through...
  7. C

    Will I need my box flashed

    I have a old kyrptview box which I haven't used in years will I need it flashed before buying a line