Internet keeps disconnecting when boxes are connected to network


Hope you can help me out here I've got an issue my boxes and everything where working fine recently and my virmin broadband was working perfectly but recently it stopped working. 1 day my boxes and the internet with virmin where working perfectly and after a couple of days my internet went off so I rang virmin and said to them that my internet down so they sent me an engineer. I put all my boxes away and wiring before engineer arrived so all ok. But the engineer came fiddled outside green cabinet and came back in and installed me a new hub 3.0 and internet was back up and running and when the engineer left I hooked all my equipment back up and all was running well for 1 day and today afternoon my internet is back offline so i rang them again and they said they will look into what's wrong and also my area doesn't have a fault. What I don't get is whenever I hook my boxes up to there network why is the internet my modem keep going offline. It doesn't make sense my head is going all over the place l. Hope you have any ideas why this is happening. Thanks alot for your help


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So your internet is fine when the boxes are not hooked up? I've had problems before with my zgemmas jamming up my internet. Usually just rebooting clears it or maybe reflash.


I had this problem, i had to swap my mgcam.cfg file out.
I think you can download from files section on this site.

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might you be running faulty mg_cfg as they can ddos oneself.

also if running cable tuners recheck cable connections for stray strands.

try 1 box at a time and see how things go and assume both boxes have a different ip addy.


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FTP into your box, navigate to usr/keys/mg_cfg and open it in Edit. Check the L: (logging) parameter - it should be L: { 00 } and NOT L: { 02 } 28007 /tmp/mgcamd.log - this will d-dos your own box!