1. StayReady

    Xtream editor no code?

    Hi all, is it possible that isps are blocking xtream editor? I had a trial from someone recently and all went well so I went to purchase the sub last night but there's no code coming up on my xtream app? I tried resetting the configuration and deleting and reinstalling but no joy? I'm with...
  2. G

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER freezing on xtrend logo

    Hi there everyone ive just turned my box on (xtrend et8500) and its frozen on the xtrend logo. Ive tried unplugging and turning on to no avail. Can anybody help me with resolving this issue. Thanks Guys.
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  5. A

    Technomate Nano-SE M2 Plus - Bricked?

    Hi, removed some plugins for Open ATV and restarted my receiver and got stuck in a boot loop - 50% - 99% then back to 50% on the status bar - repeat consistently. Played around with some Enigma 2 settings file (via Putty) now I cant get past the first splash screen - no status bar, nothing...
  6. ste

    This was fun...

    My missus had a crash in her car on Tuesday - only a low speed collision with a wall but it hasn't half made a mess of the car. I had to buy a donor car and swap parts over because the insurance would have just wrote it off no question. This is what the front end looked like after I'd took all...