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  1. 8valia

    Sly sports box office on VM line

    Hi Guy, I am trying to find the SBO channel for WWE tonight but cannot find it. I have ran the VM bouquets again but still nothing. I have also checked for the Prime events channels but cannot find it.
  2. W

    How to get C file to USB. Help required please

    Hey guys, I have flashed to wooshbuild, but prior I got my gift code or c-line from using FileZilla. My problem is, how to I get this file back on to the box? Tried going in to usr/keys to add but had some error msgs come up I was thinking of using wooshbuild cam uploaded but not sure what...
  3. W


    Hi Guys, I am a complete rookie so bear with me.... So i bought a zgemma h2s off ebay, with everything all installed, plug and play (not quite, but anyway) Everything was working okish, paid channels, etc but i wasn't happy with the workings off it, such as EPG etc, so after a bit of reading i...