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  1. C

    Enigma2 cable receiver recommendation

    Hi all I have a VU+ Duo2 up and running with a cable tuner installed and a Vermin line. It all works like a dream; kudos to all on here who helped me :sunglasses: I am looking for recommendations on a new box with cable tuner but more of a budget version. I could get a USB turbo tuner from...
  2. W

    Any comments/suggestions about the Tiviar Alpha+ box?

    Hi guys, was looking to buy another Formuler F1 box which I also currently have set up for the in-laws as im looking to replace my old h2h box. However It appears as they are no longer being sold. I know have this box on for £99, but has anyone got this box or any experience of using it? Or...
  3. C

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER No LCD screen

    hi all Switched me box on today and not getting anything on the LCD screen box is working fine just nothing on the LCD. Any help appreciated fellas.
  4. A


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  5. ramooz

    my h2h box keeps telling me its not connected to internet....!!

    morning all, picture froze half hr ago, reboot numerous time but stuck @ 49% everytime, now reflash with woosh basebuild, and tells me its NOT connected to internet !!(definitely virgin feed coming through, swapped cables, checked all connections still no joy} I'm truly baffled !! any suggestion...