Any comments/suggestions about the Tiviar Alpha+ box?


Hi guys, was looking to buy another Formuler F1 box which I also currently have set up for the in-laws as im looking to replace my old h2h box. However It appears as they are no longer being sold.

I know have this box on for £99, but has anyone got this box or any experience of using it? Or are there any other altenratives for a £100 budget.
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Tiviar Alpha combo triple tuner for 99,if using openvix image boxes do the same thing but may have different specs and more grunt.
Bees has a tut in cable section for setting up an enigma2 box on openvix if needed.

Not to sure if the boys here do support on that box yet?:LOL:
I bought one the other month, box speed seems good, only real downside is the giant white light on the front panel which can't be turned off and the brightness of the LCD screen isn't adjustable either.


Hi Guys

I just bought one of these bad boys and it arrived today. Any guidance on the best way to set this up? have both a sat and cable running into the box and hoping to get sorted with a line provider soon. Any help would be greatly appreciated as im unfortunately a bit of a noob...