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  1. Ferret.

    Tools Dreamboxedit Latest

    DreamboxEDIT is a Windows channel list editor for all Enigma(2) based boxes. Due to the consequent further development by @dhwz, it is the best known software for Windows, which must be mentioned in connection with set-top boxes based on Linux. From a pure userbouqueteditor, a piece of software...
  2. Batley boy

    Zgemm H.2H,Password Protection

    Hi there, Now I have used the service for a week or so, I have noticed the Adult channels are very easy accessible and with young children about this could be very dangerous,can anybody advise me if it is possible to put some sort of a lock onto the Adult channel part of the list please...
  3. Carcosa

    a random channel question...

    Hey all! Just a little question...anyone got Travel Channel US on their channel list? Curious to know if it was getting excluded for a particular reason (including my current sub) or if a lot of providers just weren't bothering with it...noticed over several tests in the past that it was missing...
  4. H

    Can anyone give me channel numbers with its DVB-T/T2 frequencies?

    Hi all, I'm trying to get hold of the DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) DVB-T & T2 Channel numbers along with its frequencies in MHz. I have uploaded SAORVIEW guide for Ireland to give you guys an idea of what i'm looking for (Please refer to the last page of the guide). I really need the...
  5. C

    Channel Logos

    Does anyone know how I get the correct channel logos for all the channels? Some of my channels are displaying incorrect logos and embarrassingly the wrong logos are of adult channels. For example, Sky Sports Arena has the Playboy Channel logo. I'm also totally missing logos on some channels...
  6. meadow24

    No sky atlantic on iptv

    Ive contacted my supplier who has replyed saying nobody can get it on iptv Is this true Ive noticed the streams are from virgin media is this why its not working
  7. A

    IPTV on Zgemma / Enigma 2

    Hi is may have been posted before but seems very good for 3pm kick off etc. Check out my video
  8. J

    looking for virgin Ireland server

    Hi I'm looking for a reliable virgin Ireland server a control panel would also be great thanks
  9. G

    Using E-Channelizer with wooshbuild questions

    I will be using a IPTV service on a zgemma box with Wooshbuild GUi My questions are If I create Custom IPTV Broquets (sorry for spelling if wrong) example. IPTV - All Channels (all channels will be here before moving to other broquets) IPTV - Sport IPTV - Movies when I move say Skyports...
  10. J

    Scrambled channel sky sports news

    Hi all, I have scrambled channel on sky sports news & a few other channels but i have subscription until june. What could be the problem? Do i need to update my channel list? Any thoughts would be appreciated :)
  11. H

    Looking for good IPTV supplier

    Sorry if in wrong section but some reason wont let me post in request post also guide on setting up on zgemma h.2s with epg and recording cheers
  12. Carcosa

    autobouquets questions please...

    Good day to all. Am currently getting to grips with my H5.2S which is running the Whooshbuild v5.3 image. I would like to know if it is possible to edit and save your preference of channels/bouquets within Autobouquets maker E2? I used to do this on my old box once upon a time but wondered if it...
  13. geoffsnook

    Cable tunner

    Hi does any one know where i would get a second cable tuner from for my venton unibox eco Thanks
  14. BeardedKing

    VM Cable Queries

    Hey All, I'm hoping to move from Sat to VM cable within the coming weeks however I have a few questions which I hope you lovely people can answer :) 1) I have a single line coming into the house which is currently running into my router. What splitter will I need to get? 2) I will be...
  15. technocat1974

    Annoyance enigma2

    H2s, set up a seperate bouquet for kodi, picking channels I really want to download guides for from the backend, pick to choose only 1 bouquet and name the one i've picked in the plugin, plugin error..... All i can do is go to channel manager and go through every single channel (hundreds) one...
  16. D

    Upgrade By Network Channel List Update V8s

    Hi All, I've just gone to upgrade the channel list via upgrade by network on my v8s to solve the current missing channel issue and lost all channels after update! I know line is ok as have same one upstairs working fine. Any ideas?